Tern and Turning to Bikes

After publishing my Cash, Drugs, Sex & Bikes post, I caught an article about Tern folding bikes on NYCEWheels, who said David Hon’s son, Josh had founded his own bike venture. Going back and forth between Dahon and Tern’s websites, Tern’s Verge series looked a lot like Dahon’s Vector series. I wondered if this was just a Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge sort of rebadging strategy, but further reading revealed that soon after Tern’s entry into the market in July 2011, Dahon was seeking a restraining order against David Hon’s estranged wife, Florence Shen and his son, Josh Hon, to keep Tern from using Dahon’s own resources to compete with Dahon.

Florence and Josh, however, owned 100% of Dahon Global, the Taiwan-based arm of Dahon, with factories in Taiwan, the Czech Republic and Macau. David owned Dahon China, the Shenzen-based arm which mostly manufactured frames, and Dahon North America, which distributed and sold the bikes. Josh claimed that his father made folding bike history, but that he wasn’t happy with the frame connections on the Dahons made in China. Except for Shenzen, Dahon factories make both bikes.

A year later, Dahon is still market leader, but as profiled in Bike World, Tern is doing brisk business and releasing new models.


According to Debt Crisis Make Greeks Turn to Cycling in Bike EU, Greek stats indicate that auto driving declined by 40% in the past two years while bicycle sales increased by more than 25%. No word on bike thefts in Greece, though.

… Until a few years ago cycling was snubbed as a sign of poverty or … seen as too risky on Athens busy road. But things are changing rapidly and the bike boom even prompted Athens mayor to start working on a public bike hire scheme similar to those in other European capitals.

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