Right to Bear Leaf Blowers Under Assault

Man faces charges of assault with leaf blower in debris-clearing episode

An alleged assault with a leaf blower has a Southaven man headed before a grand jury in Bartlett.

Judge Dan Brown found probable cause in Bartlett Municipal Court Monday in the simple assault case against Michael David Bridgewater Jr., 33.

It all began when Kelly Carraway … filed a complaint after she said she saw Bridgewater blow debris from grass-cutting onto her car July 5. Carraway said when she approached Bridgewater, he “walked within 3-4 feet of (Carraway) and, in an offensive and provocative manner, intentionally pointed the nozzle of the blower” at her.

The high-velocity air, she claimed, “caused grass clippings, dirt and landscaping/parking lot debris to make physical contact with” her face, according to her complaint.

Carraway said she sought medical attention for some respiratory problems in the following few days.

… Bridgewater did not testify.

Representatives of the influential National Leaf Blower Association were quick to point out that Carraway could have been injured far more severely had Bridgewater assaulted her with a steel rake. While clearing his lawn, NLBA president Howard Grumphole shouted, “Compared to the paleolithic-era rake, the Leaf Blower is actually a civilized, defensive weapon, and a key bulwark in our nation’s struggle against dead leaves.”



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