Losing 25 and Paleo Diet

As I wrote in Losing It , I’ve been eating less and exercising more, and using LoseIt to keep track of calories eaten and exercised. Last week I got the 25 lb badge, so I’m halfway to my goal of losing 50 pounds.

I started tinkering with my diet a few years ago. I frequently had acid reflux while sleeping, so I started eating earlier and giving up any late snacks. That seemed to help, but I still kept Gaviscon at the office and in the nightstand.

During the workday, I was drinking three or four Diet Pepsis from the vending machine. After swimming, I’d buy a bottle of Honest Ice Tea at Whole Foods. At home I was drinking diet teas from Gallikers, Turkey Hill or supermarket brands. As I read more, I decided that bottled beverages had to go.

Maybe a year ago, I gave up all carbonated and sweetened beverages and drank only hot tea from bags, or the unsweetened Gold Peak, a Coca-cola product. I started using the empty jugs to make sun tea with Twinings African Rooibos tea bags. Early this year, I ditched Gold Peak, which was a lucky move because I read now that as of 2012 Gold Peak is no longer flavored with tea. I collected glass milk jugs and instead of returning them for the deposit, used them for making Rooibos sun tea. Now all I drink is hot Earl Grey, cold Rooibos, water, the occasional fruit juice and the very occasional Yuengling beer.

Giving up bottled beverages made me feel better, but didn’t lead to startling changes in weight. Regular swimming made me feel trimmer, but also didn’t lead to startling changes in weight. In fact a foot injury and a sprained ankle forced me to be more sedentary and led to an increase in weight last winter. I found myself tired a lot and even dozing off at work after eating lunch.

Our family physician wanted to send me to a sleep study, but when I found out how much those cost, I decided to try losing weight instead. I also started wearing Breathe Right strips while sleeping.

Adding the running and biking that I described in the Losing It post certainly has helped, but counting calories has been the primary change. My wife used to make excellent white and wheat bread, but we cut that out when I found out that modern wheat has been bred to include more sugars. Although we haven’t gone strictly paleo, we have tended to avoid all the high calorie grain and pasta we used to eat. We’re eating less meat and more vegetables, and more fruit.

I happened to find an account of the original paleo diet in National Geographic, translated from cave paintings, and it has been a great inspiration.

Day one:
Chased mastodon, no catch. 700 calories.
Groomed mate, ate head lice. 1 calorie each.
Net calories: -684

Day two:
Chased mastodon, no catch. 660 calories.
Mate found roots and berries. Took some. 65 calories.
Net calories: -595

Day three:
Chased mastodon, no catch. 500 calories.
Groomed longhair girl, ate head lice. 1 calorie each.
Mate chased, no catch. 800 calories.
Net calories: – 1258

Day four:
Chased mastodon, catch! – 800 calories.
Ate meat, fell asleep. 3500 calories.
Net calories: +2700

Day five:
Sleep. 200 calories
Net calories: -200

Day six:
Ate leftover mastodon meat. 1500 calories.
Ate blow flies. 36 calories.
Saved beetles for longhair girl.
Net calories: +1536

Day seven:
Saber tooth cat chased, no catch. 900 calories.
Mate trip longhair girl, cat catch.
Groomed mate, ate head lice. 1 calorie each.
Ate beetles. 54 calories.
Net calories: -830


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