Israel vs Obama

A few weeks ago, Democracy Now! discussed whether Israel would try to use their dispute with Iran to affect the US elections, and now The Dish asks, Is Netanyahu Trying To Blow Up The Election?

… which country in the Middle East has launched more wars than any other since its creation, has occupied territory it has then sought to ethnically re-balance, has killed civilians outside its borders in the thousands, has developed a nuclear capacity outside of international non-proliferation treaties, has physically attacked both Iraq and Syria to destroy their nuclear programs, and is now threatening war against Iran, a war that could convulse the entire world into a new clash of civilizations?

Israel is the answer. I have no doubt that this new incident of anti-American Salafist violence in the Middle East is now being used by prime minister Netanyahu to concoct a casus belli with which to scramble global events and get rid of Obama – and his continuing threat to Israel’s illegal expansionism.

… Netanyahu calls those, like me, who favor containment, stupid. We are not as stupid as you think we are, Mr. Netanyahu.


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