Driven By Occupy

Photographer Nate Smith, aka Igor, posts a lot of Village Voice slideshows, most of which involve people partying in clubs. Smith posts longer sets of photos on his Driven By Boredom site, NSFW, many of which are nude studies of sweet-things-so-young-and-willing on rooftops or in deserted buildings. Along with a good series of street photos, Smith made as cogent an appraisal of Occupy’s one year anniversary march as I have read:

… I have been following the Occupy movement since before it even started and I honestly haven’t photographed nearly as much of it as I would have liked. The problem with the movement is that while I agree with a lot of it, there are so many too far left radical elements that make it hard to take it seriously. I watched news reporters interview the craziest of people and personally I think things like steam punk marching bands help trivialize important issues. So many people could get on board with this movement if the most visible elements of it weren’t so out there. Still, I am glad there is at least some at least mildly organized radical left answer to the Tea Party.

Whatever the case my experience yesterday was quite intense and seeing so many people including former Bishop George Packard willingly get arrested to promote something so important to them was very powerful. To me images like that are a lot more meaningful than people in costumes yelling about anarchy.


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2 responses to “Driven By Occupy”

  1. myantitweet says :

    I have the same feelings. During the protests leading up to the Iraq war, I was tempted to participate, but I did not. Maybe it was just laziness, but I couldn’t convince myself to walk next to people calling Bush a Nazi etc. maybe it’s better for more moderate folks to show up and dilute the craziness?


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