Motorist vs Cyclist


Noted on Cyclelicious: According to the Calgary Herald, three recent Olympians, biathlete Robin Clegg, nordic combined skier Jason Myslicki and cross-country skier Sean Crooks:

… were an hour into a three-hour bike ride while training with the Rundle Mountain Cycling Club.

Riding along Township Road 250 near Springbank Airport, a paved street with no shoulder, a vehicle came up from behind honking its horn.

“We put up our arms like ‘what the heck?’ ” Myslicki said.

The car hammered on the brakes in front of the group, essentially blocking the men, he said.

Crooks and Myslicki veered left, but Clegg went right at the same time the car accelerated. He was struck and suffered at least a broken elbow. He underwent surgery Sunday night. Myslicki suspects he may have suffered a broken collarbone and ribs.

The driver, a man in his early 20s, jumped out of his car, and screamed “What the hell are you doing on a road with no shoulder?,” according to Myslicki.

Police arrived at the scene. It was unknown at press time if the driver was charged.

Let’s hope he will be.

Update 20140907: Jason Rudolph received a $402 fine for “stunting” while driving.”


Last week I ran across Share the Damned Road, a website with provocative biking shirts.  I can’t think of a less advisable idea than taunting people in multi-ton vehicles with an obnoxious racing jersey.

I’ve been fortunate not to have encountered any angry motorists in my Baltimore commuting but I also go out of my way to not provoke drivers and to not frighten pedestrians. I am aware of the ‘claim the lane’ paradigm, but prefer to ride to the right unless the lane is too narrow for two vehicles. I do not hesitate to use a handy sidewalk, but I drop to low speed if anyone is walking near my route. I don’t mind slowing down for a little more safety.

On Friday I was cycling down a long series of alleys. In front of me were two middle-aged working men, one sitting on the left curb and one standing to the right, talking on his cell phone. I charted a slow course between them. When the seated man pulled in his legs as if I might hit him. I smiled and waved to reassure him. Later on that trip, one driver apologized because her car was stopped in the crosswalk. “No problem,” I told her. When someone stops to lets me go across a street, I make sure to give them a wave of thanks.


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One response to “Motorist vs Cyclist”

  1. saywhatumean2say says :

    I reside in an area that has a International bicycle race every year and there are always locals training. Also there are many students on cycles all around this town as it is a university town and yes they can be irritating and hard to manuever through for a motorist but many of them are also polite and in my opinion and the opinion of my State they have the same rights as I do with my “dog spot” my car.

    I too hope that motorist was cited and I do appreciate the pleasant polite jesters…when I get them…BUT really everyone; Can’t we all just get along?

    My only real peeve are cyclers without lights at night! NOW THAT IS SCARY as this town is also know for its very old people. dru


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