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Coincidentally, two of the sites where I used to contribute have Meta threads going today. Nothing draws comments and participation like a Meta thread.

At the Truth About Cars, in No Manners, No Comment: How To Get Banned At TTAC, editor Bertel Schmitt banned someone for being rude to a contributor. Long time users invoked TTAC founder Robert Farago, who was born snarky, but Bertel said that was then and this is now. Naturally people popped up to say:

“Hey, posting on the internet requires a thick skin.”

“Hey, I’ve seen other stuff that was worse.”

No one was banned at dagblog, but in Skin, co-honcho Genghis also complained about bad manners towards a contributor, with similar responses.

Once again I quote this old Barry Eisler post about, How To Argue:

I have a feeling most people who suck at argument believe they’re actually good at it. They’re not, and in fact they’re not even arguing — they’re masturbating. Good argument is intended to persuade another. Masturbation is intended to pleasure the self. It’s the people who can’t tell the difference who mistakenly think they’re good at argument. I hope this article will improve the effectiveness of people who are interested in good argument. And I hope it will help people who until now have been masturbating to recognize what they’ve been doing, and to stop doing it in public.

Obviously no one is going to stop metabating in public – it’s like the rats pushing the pleasure button – so I’m dropping the idea of DonalPrime, and instead launching Donal Meta. Posting on the internet requires a thick foreskin.

BTW, bring your own wipes.


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10 responses to “Donal Meta”

  1. trkingmomoe says :

    I tend to stay out of the food fights at dag. I am not sophisticated enough to frame an argument with all the lawyers. I am happy with the way the election is going. Oh the dens are picking up both new seats. The internal polling on them is good. Public polling has it a toss up. Fl-2 is a toss up in the panhandle. The repubs have been up to their ears in scandal there so it could break dem. Allen West is behind at the last internal poll. We are picking up a Miami seat. Rubio’s best friend is loosing because of scandle in little Havanna.
    That could be 5 pickups in Florida. Florida is still on the dem side. I have lived here long enough to know when the Ruby red districts are in play the state is going blue for the president. The 2 new districts were gerrymandered in favor for Republicans. Rick Scott has done damage to Republicans and the old timers aren’t happy about Medicare and SS being fazed out.


  2. cmaukonen says :

    O Donal…”Banned” diaries IE Diaries about someone getting banned at FDL can draw up to 300 comments or more at times. And the always degenerate into “Did so” “Did no” “Did so” “Did NOT’

    Mrs Sartre: Oh, don’t ask. He’s in one of his bleeding moods. ‘The bourgeoisie this is the bourgeoisie that’ – he’s like a little child sometimes. I was only telling the Rainiers the other day – course he’s always rude to them, only classy friends we’ve got – I was saying solidarity with the masses I said… pie in the sky! Oooh! You’re not a Marxist are you Mrs Conclusion?

    Mrs Conclusion: No, I’m a Revisionist.

    Mrs Sartre: Oh good. I mean, look at this place! I’m at my wits’ end. Revolutionary leaflets everywhere. One of these days I’ll revolutionary leaflets him. If it wasn’t for the goat you couldn’t get in here for propaganda.


  3. Martin Schwoerer (@MartinSchwoerer) says :

    At TTAC, only contributors are allowed to have bad manners.

    During Farago’s reign (at least, before he got mental), there existed a balance between touchiness and quality. You could politely criticize an article that was below par, and it would be corrected or it would be pulled, or it would be rigorously defended. You just had to stick to a respectful tone.

    Nowadays, you can get banned by pointing out that it is poor form to consistently confuse the use of “it’s” and “its”.

    Seriously, the content and style at that site has gotten so bad, being banned could be considered a medal of honor.


  4. remoat says :

    Sorry if you already covered this in a FAQ somewhere but I have the following question:
    I recently signed on as a Launch member of DonalPrime. Can I roll this membership over into a Donal Meta account or do I have to start pleasuring myself from scratch?


  5. auntsams says :

    FYI – It appears now, that besides resistance, Dan Kervick is also banned at dag.


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