Voting in a Swing State

Three-quarters of the television ads are against Obama and our phone has been ringing every half hour with Republican robocalls. According to Nate Silver, Romney’s campaign has thudded out in Nevada and now sees Pennsylvania as their last chance to flip a swing state.

Mr. Obama’s margins have been narrower in Nevada, but Mr. Romney has a different type of problem there: perhaps 70 percent of the state has already voted, and Democrats have locked in roughly a 7-point advantage over Republicans from the vote so far. This margin is down for Democrats from 2008, but Mr. Romney would nevertheless need an exceptional turnout on Tuesday to make up enough ground.

This has led Mr. Romney to make a last-minute play for Pennsylvania, and there is some evidence that the state has tightened slightly. But the gains for Mr. Romney may be too little and too late, or they may have been counteracted by a national trend toward Mr. Obama. With the exception of one Republican polling firm, public polls of the state still have Mr. Obama leading by three to nine percentage points.

We’ll do our part, and my daughter is voting for the first time, too.


We got to the polling place just after it opened at 7 AM. I didn’t see any of the folk that try to hand out leaflets at the last minute, but there was already a short line of voters. I would guess that our neighborhood leans towards Romney, but it is hard to say what the percentages are.

I’d forgotten how bizarre the interface is on voting machines — a little dial to scroll through selections, and an enter button. My wife believed that facebook warning against voting the straight ticket, so she made sure to select each candidate. I didn’t believe it, but I made sure that all the candidates I wanted were selected. So we’re on the books.

After listening to PBS call the race too close to call, I switched to ESPN ranting about the Eagles and the Jets losing when this was supposed to be their year.


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