Losing 35 and holding

I mentioned in September that I had lost twenty-five pounds and that my diet tended towards the Paleo.

Only a month later I had lost thirty-five pounds, but I’ve been on a plateau since then, gaining a pound here, losing a pound there. I couldn’t run, bike or swim during Hurricane Sandy, but I could eat. Then we had an office Oktoberfest party, pushed back to November. I find that at my current weight, eating 1851 calories per day usually suffices to maintain, but I need exercise to lose. With early darkness it is now too risky to bike home, and too dark to run when I get there. So I’m switching to more swimming during the week.

I still use LoseIt to keep track of my diet and exercise, and I’m in a comfortable routine. Many people might find it boring to eat the same things most every day, but it works well for me.

Weekday Breakfast

1 cup of either Trader Joe’s Organic Corn Flakes, Joe’s Os or Bite Size shredded wheat – 110 cal
1/2 cup of Organic Valley 2% milk. Sometimes there’s only whole milk from making ice cream – 61 cal
1 Banana if we have any – 105 cal

Sunday Breakfast

2 egg omelette with jack cheddar, onions and green peppers – 400 cal
2 slices toast – 133 cal

Special Sunday Breakfast

2 egg omelette with jack cheddar, onions and green peppers – 400 cal
4 slices French toast – 500 cal
1/4 cup Organic maple syrup – 210 cal

Cold Weather Breakfast

3/4 cup Quaker Oats – 225 cal

Friday Morning Office Snacks

1 Rye Bagel – 330 cal
1 Plain Bagel – 289 cal
Cream Cheese, Lite Veggie, as thin as I can spread it – 113 cal

Weekday Snack

2 oz Cashews – 340 cal

Lunch from Home

2 cups Salad – 45 cal
1 tsp Salad Dressing, Annie’s Raspberry Vinaigrette Lite – 20 cal
1 Yogurt, Brown Cow Cream Top – 180 cal
1 Fruit, Apple – 116 cal, Grapes – 62 cal, or Orange – 62 cal

We often hold office seminars or meetings with catered food brought in:

Catered Lunch Small

Roasted Chicken Breast Sandwich – 320 cal
Cranberry Walnut Cookie – 150 cal

Catered Lunch Large

1/2 Sandwich, Grilled Chicken – 342 cal
1/2 Sandwich, Tandoori Chicken – 267 cal
1 Salad, Caesar – 59 cal
1 Cookie, Raisin – 320 cal

Dinner Whole Foods Steam Table

3/4 lb Penne Pasta, w/ Meatballs, Lighter, w/o Bread – 413 cal

1 cup Green Beans – 45 cal

1 Cup Broccoli, Stmd, Chopped – 55 cal

Dinner Home-cooked (example)

2 cups Spinach Tortelloni – 640 cal


1 Cup Ice Cream, Vanilla – 273 cal

1/8 Cup Raisins, Chocolate – 110 cal

My exercise varies from day to day, but I’ve been averaging one of these, five days a week:

Bicycling 60 min – 800 cal

Crawl Swim – 50 min – 709 cal

Running 55 min – 762 cal

Today was beautiful, so I rode to and from the office.

I can certainly live with the plateau. I’ve dropped one size – XL to Large – in most everything. I’ve had to add holes to my belts and my trousers hang on me. Fortunately I’ve saved a lot of older, smaller clothing. If I can maintain until Spring, I’ll easily reach my goal of losing 50 pounds.

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2 responses to “Losing 35 and holding”

  1. wartica says :

    I wouldn’t worry too much because you’re already burning hard, so the extra pounds will drop off at some point:)


  2. Martin Schwoerer says :

    If you find you are hitting a wall — eating healthy and getting a lot of physical activity, yet staying above your weight comfort zone — then I suggest you take a look at a low gylcemic-index diet.

    A lot of the things you eat are delicious and healthy, but quite high on the index.

    Eating food that is lower on the index provides one with a more constant source of energy, and reduces hunger pangs.


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