Prius vs Prius c

I’ve been comparing cars with the Clean Car Calculator, selecting average use, MD, 75% highway, 15,000 miles per year and 10 years ownership.

Not surprisingly, the Prius hatchback was both more affordable and greener than the larger Prius v.

But while the Yaris-sized Prius c is a bit cheaper to drive than the regular Prius hatchback, it is a slightly dirtier car to drive.

Car selected: Prius / Prius c
MSRP: $23,015 / $19,500
Fuel costs: $11,953 / $12,240
Resale value: $3,212 / $2,722
Ownership cost: $31,755 / $29,019

Total Greenhouse Gases Emitted
over 10 Years: 27,363 kg CO2e / 28,022 kg CO2e

More Affordable: Toyota Prius c
Greener Buy: Toyota Prius


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