Bungee Jumping Off the Fiscal Cliff

President Obama has proposed that America drop off the fiscal cliff, “just to see what it feels like.”

“As we saw with Hurricane Sandy, ordinary Americans pull together in a time of crisis. So I think we should let ordinary Americans be the bungee cord that will stop us short of the bottom of the fiscal cliff, and bring us rebounding back to the top — almost. Then we’ll fall again, but not as far, and rebound again, and then fall again, and rebound again …. Then we’ll dangle for a while, and hope that someone will haul us back up.

Y’know, that isn’t such a great metaphor. Forget I said it.”


2 responses to “Bungee Jumping Off the Fiscal Cliff”

  1. Donal says :

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  2. cmaukonen says :

    Ted, that was probably the lousiest
    landing in the history of this airport.
    But there are some of us here…

    …particularly me, who’d like to buy you
    a drink and shake your hand.

    …and, Ted, I just want you to know, that
    when the going got tough up there, when
    the chips were down…

    …Lonliness, that’s the bottom line. I
    was never happy as a child. Christmas,
    Ted, what does it mean to you? For me, it
    was a living hell. Do you know what it’s
    like to fall in the mud and get kicked? In
    the head? By an iron boot? Of course you
    don’t. No one does. That never happens.
    Sorry, Ted. Dumb question. Strike that.
    – Airplane !


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