How could it happen here?

At work, I noticed a news blurb about a shooting in Connecticut, and thought, “Not another one.” I bounced the headline off my office buddy in the next cubicle and she just droned, “Oh Great.” I didn’t read it. We’ve all been terribly busy at work, and in America, a few people getting shot isn’t such big news anymore.

Somewhat later, I pulled up Talking Points Memo, and saw that 27 people were dead, and most of them were children. I cried out, “Oh my God, someone killed twenty children!” Other folk started checking the news outlets. I’m working on an elementary school right now, so it was hard to look at the plans with all the little chairs.

Watching the MSM coverage last night, I first noticed that NBC had a background gunsight graphic. Hmmm. I guess I’m just tired of the way everything is packaged.

Then I noticed that every other person being interviewed said some permutation of, “that sort of thing just doesn’t happen here.” While I understood that they were in shock, I couldn’t help but abhor the implicit acceptance that shootings, killings and violence was expected, just not here.


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