We Zip Harder

I still recall those Avis: We Try Harder and Hertz: We put you in the driver’s seat commercials from the 1960s and 1970s. AP reports that Avis is now trying harder to be the company putting fannies in cars, even for a few hours at a time, by purchasing the car-sharing service Zipcar for almost half a billion dollars.

AP goes on to suggest that having the Avis fleet will help Zipcar address the problem of high weekend demand, though in my experience standing in line at Enterprise, the auto rental industry also experiences high weekend demand. AP notes that Zipcar will now compete against Hertz on Demand — the car sharing arm of the rental company.

I wonder if Enterprise will follow suit, or if they already have some sort of car-sharing arm? I’d call it the Transporter.

I also wonder if Zipcar will now try to gouge customers on short term insurance. I’ve heard that’s where the real money gets made.


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One response to “We Zip Harder”

  1. cmaukonen says :

    I do like the idea of car sharing. Had one here in Cleveland but it went belly up and they did not maintain the cars. it’s the maintenance part that bugs me. Most rental services just let the damn things fall apart.


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