Lance and Manti

The media and blogosphere are all over disgraced professional athlete Lance Armstrong and either gullible or deceptive semi-pro athlete Manti T’eo. Armstrong certainly deserves what he gets, and T’eo may as well, but let’s not fool ourselves. When you list the offenses:

Cheating, lying and maintaining a completely false narrative for years;

Attacking anyone that questioned the status quo;

Greed, self-absorption and self-interest.

How can you ignore the Wall Street types who exhibit the very same traits, who collect their salaries and bonuses to this very day and who are even thinking of bringing suit against the government because they didn’t get more? How can you ignore the oil barons who knowingly pillage the land and water and air, who conduct a campaign of disinformation against the realization of climate change, and who are trying to organize alternative energy on the same model as the fossil fuel industry?


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