Fear and Firearms

A NY Times OpEd writer is both worried and fascinated by their power, but breakdowns in society has made him too afraid of the unknown assailant to not own a gun. I can relate.

Confessions of a Liberal Gun Owner

There are a lot of reasons that a gun feels right in my hand, but I also own firearms to protect my family. I hope I never have to use one for this purpose, and I doubt I ever will. But I am my family’s last line of defense. I have chosen to meet this responsibility, in part, by being armed. It wasn’t a choice I made lightly. I am aware that, statistically speaking, a gun in the home represents a far greater danger to its inhabitants than to an intruder. But not every choice we make is data-driven. A lot comes from the gut.

… The scene was like a snapshot from the Apocalypse: crowds milling restlessly, gas stations and mini-marts picked clean and heaped with trash, families sleeping by the side of the road. The situation had the hopped-up feel of barely bottled chaos. After Katrina, nobody had any illusions that help was on its way. It also occurred to me that there were probably a lot of guns out there — this was Texas, after all. Here I was with two tiny children, a couple of thousand dollars in cash, a late-model S.U.V. with half a tank of gas and not so much as a heavy book to throw. When my wife wouldn’t let me get out of the car so the dog could do his business, that was it for me. …

Like most citizens of our modern, technological world, I am wholly reliant upon a fragile web of services to meet my most basic needs. What would happen if those services collapsed? Chaos, that’s what.



3 responses to “Fear and Firearms”

  1. Martin Schwoerer (@MartinSchwoerer) says :

    “But not every choice we make is data-driven. A lot comes from the gut.”

    What kind of a half-assed argument is that?

    For sure — you don’t chose a spouse based on available data, and you don’t make a matrix before you chose what you’re gonna cook for dinner. But only a fool trusts his gut when deciding what’s safe and what’s not.

    But OK — people trust their guts that SUVs are safer, that you need to drive your kids to school, that low-fat food is healthier, that bicycling is too dangerous… Which may prove my point.


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