Tesla v Times cage match

It wasn’t too hard for me to predict that John Broder’s article Stalled on the EV Highway would be a nightmare for Tesla. Tesla’s stock dropped 3% and CEO Elon Musk is crying foul:

Elon Musk calls NY Times review of the Tesla Model S ‘fake,’ citing vehicle log data as proof

According to several tweets, log data from the vehicle indicates that the reviewer in question, John Broder, did not test the car as he reported.

Here are the key tweets, in reverse chronological order:
– NYTimes article about Tesla range in cold is fake. Vehicle logs tell true story that he didn’t actually charge to max & took a long detour.
– Tesla blog coming soon detailing what actually happened on Broder’s NYTimes “range test”. Also lining up other journalists to do same drive.
– Tesla data logging is only turned on with explicit written permission from customers, but after Top Gear BS, we always keep it on for media.

If Musk is correct, and Broder did in fact fail to properly charge the car, and then managed to forget to mention an extensive route diversion, his white-knuckle notes concerning the battery capacity and range of the Model S will be in question.

According to TNW, later tweets indicate that Broder and the Times stand by their story.

Hat Tip to My Husband’s Electric Car.

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