I ran across this Technorati article, Are People Leaving Facebook Already?

Recently, Pew Research Center conducted a survey of people’s time on and usage of Facebook. The survey basically discovered that the current trend is for people to either take a break from Facebook or leave the social network site altogether. It is the online version of “stale party syndrome”. When a party begins to wind down and get lame, the partygoers are likely to head to the next big party or simply go home. This is what appears to be happening on Facebook, according to the Pew study.

I keep in touch with — or think I keep in touch with — family, extended family, childhood friends, some girls from college, some guys from high school, one girl from elementary school, some former coworkers, several former theater cast-mates, refugees from various blogging communities … even an ex-wife. Last week I went to a play in my former haunts, saw old cast-mates and realized that even commenting back and forth on Facebook, the connection is not as strong as when I was active in the theater group. I still want to feel connected, but without face-to-face contact there are limits to how well we can know and understand one another.

Participants in the survey named too much drama and not enough time as the two main reasons for leaving Facebook en masse. … Survey participants made mention of issues, such as idiotic posts, insane friends, and useless and ridiculous posts.

I endure more from family and old friends, but I’ve dropped several people that can’t resist posting racist rants, hateful rants, endless posts on the same subject and endless invitations to online games.


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  1. cmaukonen says :

    HA…I read somewhere that young people don’t use it anymore. That it’s considered “just so yesterday” and un-cool.


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