Vacation Village Resort Con

A relentless telemarketer has been calling me about every fifteen minutes since Thursday. They leave messages that are just noise. The phone said “vac vil resort 757-952-0237” so I looked up the number on 800Notes:

They called tonight, claiming that two people (whom I’ve never heard of) thought enough of me to give me a free gift of a 3 day, 2 night stay at Vacation Village Resort, Willaimsburg Plantation. That business does exist, but I don’t think these people are actually affiliated with them. The first woman I spoke with had a bad attitude and acted like I was stupid for not wanting my free gift. I convinced her to call me back after I checked with someone about these two people who she said gave me the gift. When she called back, she said that both my husband and I had to be able to hear and answer on the phone. They said that we would get the vacation plus a $100 Visa gift card, and just had to go on a Time Share tour. My husband then asked who these people are who gave us this “gift,” and the person agreed to call them and find out how they know us. We have not yet gotten a call back, but judging from the other reports here, I’m sure we will.

Congrats! You’ve won a 5 day 4 night stay at one of our premiere resorts in orlando fl. Also included in the package is a 2 day pass for two to universal studios, dinner for two at araibian night. All for a heavily discounted $398, normally $1400!!

Oh wait, I forgot to mention that this is a part of the Vacation Village CON!!! The woman kept asking right after she would answer a question “so which credit card company would you like to use?” I googled the company and at first things looked good. They even have a four out of five rating on yahoo. Then I saw “vacation village resort con”

Googling a bit more got me to

In the last 9 days that I’ve been tracking the calls, I have received calls from 9am-10pm from this telemarketer representing the Williamsburg Plantation. Over 45 calls to this point in time. They said a friend had given them my name. Doubt it. When asked to stop calling – they persist. Virginia Attorney General’s Office won’t take the complaint. No email contact on their website. They call by using this number (757-952-0237) and by blocking their ID.

I suspect that they want people to call them back to avoid falling afoul of the FCC Do Not Call rules. I simply unplug the phone line until I need to call someone.


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