Autestosterone and Autosterity

With the new Lamborghini Venena selling for around four million dollars and the new LaFerrari selling for around a million, the Tesla Model S makes for a bargain ego/enviro car at around a hundred thousand dollars, more or less, depending on battery and performance options. Tesla is diverting sales to Europe, but the Detroit News blog writes it was to, “make up for delays in promised deliveries to customers here.” LaFerrari purchases are restricted to current Ferrari owners, but anyone with cash can put down a deposit on the Model S.

As noted in CNET, Elon Musk is still smarting over the NY Times test drive, and, “whimsically likened the Times article to a Dr. Seuss poem, suggesting it was false in this way and false in that way, and that it was false in many ways.” Despite a noticeable stock drop, and a delay in filing its annual report, Motley Fool posted one video claiming that Musk should send flowers to the Times for all the extra coverage, and another video claiming that Tesla is in good shape, but that people are buying the Model S as a luxury item rather than to save money.

In, Concerns About Politics Overshadow an Auto Show, the New York Times notes that while luxury cars will certainly find buyers, the Euro auto market is down:

… the only point of debate among car executives here was how long the slump in Europe would last and whether it could get any worse. New-car registrations in the European Union fell 8.2 percent last year, to 12 million vehicles, the lowest since the mid-1990s.

The relative optimists … saw a chance that 2013 could be the low point. … But other auto executives were far more pessimistic. Carlos Ghosn, chairman of the Renault-Nissan alliance, said that European car sales have already declined more so far this year — by 8.7 percent in January compared with those in the month a year earlier — than most analysts had forecast. And the downturn has begun to spread beyond the crisis countries in southern Europe, Mr. Ghosn said.

“Europe is going to be a very tough market for a while,” he said at a news conference, adding that the slump could last until 2016.


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