More Guns, More Shootings

On the heels of Serbia’s spectacular Davis Cup defeat of the US, a Serbian emulated America’s gun culture by shooting thirteen of his family and neighbors in the head while they slept:

The police and the Serbian media said that the man, identified as Ljubisa Bogdanovic, used a handgun to kill six men, six women and the child, whose parents were among the dead. … Mr. Bogdanovic had lost his job last year… fought in Croatia in 1992.

The killings happened between 5 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. in the sleepy village of Velika Ivanca, 30 miles, southeast of Belgrade. Police officials said Mr. Bogdanovic first shot his son in the head, before leaving his home and going from house to house, where he killed several of his neighbors and relatives, some of whom were sleeping. Mr. Veljovic said that the neighbors in the close-knit village had left their doors unlocked and all were shot in the head.

Bogdanovic tried to kill himself, but survives in critical condition. Based on the reporting, it seems unlikely that any sort of background check would have changed the outcome:

Mr. Bogdanovic was characterized by neighbors as a nonviolent and seemingly amiable man, who had not previously attracted attention. They said he was not known to have a history of mental illness or a criminal record. The Serb media reported that he had a license for the gun used in the shootings.

Back in the US, a Wilson County, Tennessee sheriff’s deputy left a handgun on his bed while showing guns to a friend during a cookout. As they entered the bedroom, a three-year-old picked up the weapon, then shot and killed the deputy’s wife.

The idea that we can feel safe around firearms seems increasingly remote.


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