Debt Mediation Scam 3

I wrote about a debt mediation pitch from Credit Relief Advocates, then got almost the same routine, and a four color brochure, from American Debt Mediators.

Now I’m getting the same tired hard sell, and brochure, from Debt Arbitrators, 15851 Dallas Pkwy Ste 600 Addison TX 75001, which is just ten miles from the CRV address. I’m guessing that it is the same outfit.

Credit Answers, Credit Arbitrators, Credit Resolution Advisors, Jensen Legal Group, Credit Relief Advocates, same company, same scam artists. 5 names in 2 1/2 years same crooks.

Update 2013-06-21: Interesting article in Gawker, Getting Sued by American Express Led Me Out of the Ruins of My Life.

Update 2014-04-27: I’ve gotten the identical pitch from NetDebt, LLC d/b/a Debt Mediation Initiative at 150305 Dallas Parkway #300 Addison TX 75001. You’d think they’s put two and two together and drop me from their lists, but noooo….


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