A Bombing Here, Not There

After two shocking explosions as the Boston Marathon was winding down, so far three people are reported dead, over one hundred and fifty are injured. Many runners lost one or both legs. No doubt some of them will run a future marathon on prosthetic legs, and we will cheer them on.

According to WCVB in Boston, a doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital said:

“We are seeing a lot of shrapnel injuries. Shrapnel injuries can affect the entire body. There is a lot of small, metal debris. Some people have asked if they were BBs or parts of bombs.”

According to AP, the chief of emergency services at Mass General said:

“This is something I’ve never seen in my 25 years here … this amount of carnage in the civilian population. This is what we expect from war.”

According to the BBC, this sort of carnage is also what we expect after a war – just not here:

At least 31 people have been killed and more than 200 others wounded in a series of early-morning explosions in cities across Iraq, officials say. Attacks were reported in Baghdad, as well as Tuz Khurmatu and Kirkuk in the north and Nasariyah in the south. The co-ordinated attacks occurred during the morning rush hour and mainly involved car bombs.

How could it happen here? We live in a heavily-armed country, with many unemployed, disaffected and dispirited people. Homeland Security makes a big show of frisking people and seizing bottles of lotion. The police are happy to taze or pepper-spray unarmed protestors. The FBI is very good at foiling bomb plots that its agents help to foment.

This was the real thing.


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One response to “A Bombing Here, Not There”

  1. saywhatumean2say says :

    Yes you bet this is the real thing! My dad still has metal in his body from WWII, is 40% disabled and can not have an MRI. He is in the hospital right now for other problems and that metal sitll causes additional problems. He is lucky he made it through the mines and then survived the gangrene but then that was another time, a “Real War”…yah right.

    We still aren’t sure what the reasons are here but I understand you can find instructions for all of this destruction by just inquiring. I’m sad! dru


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