Firearm Flix

I’m reading that these are the NRA’s top-rated films:

1. Red Dawn – Sad ending, but I liked it
2. The Terminator – Never saw it all the way through
3. The Alamo – a classic
4. Die Hard – a great action flick
5. The Godfather – a classic
6. Zombieland – haven’t seen it
7. The Matrix – Good, but I didn’t like as much as I was told I would
8. The Delta Force – haven’t seen it
9. The Road Warrior – I’m on a low budget!
10. Tremors – Amusing

I can’t believe there are no Clint Eastwood flicks in that list. Go ahead, make his day …

In general, three of the films above, Red Dawn, The Alamo and The Godfather probably depict realistic use of firearms. Die Hard, Road Warrior (and probably Delta Force) are films in which even using automatic weapons which they never have to reload, the bad guys just can’t take down the hero. The Terminator and The Matrix are science fiction and Tremors shows that for giant worms, you really need explosives more than guns.

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