Swim Stuff

Rumor has it both that Michael Phelps is returning to competition – and that he isn’t. French speedster Yannick Agnel is rumored to begin training here in Baltimore with Bob Bowman. Former Curl-Burke coach Rick Curl has been sentenced to seven years, and several prominent coaches are under investigation. There seems to be a lot of pedophilia in swimming, though it is hardly unknown in any sport.

I was lucky to get a swim in today between the storms. The NBAC team had all the 50m lanes, so I took a 25 yard lane. Nearby a very pretty young woman was teaching her boyfriend the butterfly. No distractions.

600 Crawl Warmup – dropped thirty seconds from last week

4 x 100 IM – On the last one I broke two minutes.

3 x (100 Back + 100 Breast + 100 Crawl) – Back feels rhythmic but is still terribly slow.

2 x 50 Back,

2 x 50 Breast,

2 x 50 Crawl

50 Body Dolphin – My dolphining is very rusty.

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