Dunham objects to This Ain’t Girls

After hearing reports that a porn version of HBO’s Girls is being released, Lena Dunham observed, “Why don’t they just make a British version of Downton Abbey? Or a geeky version of The Big Bang Theory?”

“Girls is already a porn version – of all the relationship shows I ever watched. Instead of just kissing and talking about having sex, on Girls we take our clothes off and get down to it. We show you what you’d actually see if you were there; we just leave out the rote sex and clinical closeups of private parts characteristic of a cheap porno. Who wants to see all that?”


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2 responses to “Dunham objects to This Ain’t Girls”

  1. saywhatumean2say says :

    Nah, I don’t want to see the clinicallly parts either but I like GIRLS (the show that is) it makes me laugh and I need to laugh. THANX!

    ps it already seems fairly porno to me, which is what I believe Dunham was saying. I’m too old to be Hip…note the expression and figure out the age but I really do like the show and a porno version? YuK!

    I maybe old but I’m still a woman and, while I wouldn’t let kids under 15 watch it…if I had a choice,. I’m a fan! dru


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