Senator Obama wanted to regulate the NSA

From ProPublica, The Surveillance Reforms Obama Supported Before He Was President

When the House of Representatives recently considered an amendment that would have dismantled the NSA’s bulk phone records collection program, the White House swiftly condemned the measure. But only five years ago, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. was part of a group of legislators that supported substantial changes to NSA surveillance programs. Here are some of the proposals the president co-sponsored as a senator.

As a senator, Obama wanted to limit bulk records collection. …

As a senator, Obama wanted to require government analysts to get court approval before accessing incidentally collected American data. …

As a senator, Obama wanted the executive branch to report to Congress how many American communications had been swept up during surveillance. …

As a senator, Obama wanted to restrict the use of gag orders related to surveillance court orders. …

As a senator, Obama wanted to give the accused a chance to challenge government surveillance. …

As a senator, Obama wanted the attorney general to submit a public report giving aggregate data about how many people had been targeted for searches. …

As a senator, Obama wanted the government to declassify significant surveillance court opinions. …


3 responses to “Senator Obama wanted to regulate the NSA”

  1. saywhatumean2say says :

    As I’ve said before, my “obama babee” has, more oft than not, let me down. BUT I still prefer him to the alternative. There is still a small amount of time for “my” lame duck to pull some bunnies out of the hat. Not holding my breath…mind you…but awaiting with mild anticipation. (sigh) dru


    • Donal says :

      He’s reflecting a lot of the wealthy powers-that-be: socially liberal when they can afford it but ultimately fiscally conservative. You’re right – if he was reflecting the socially tribal and fiscally conservative Koch Brothers it would be worse.


      • saywhatumean2say says :

        My dad, a social liberal…well sort of…but a fierce political conservative and a failure at running for office; used to hold his head in his hands and moan “Where did I go wrong…Where did I go wrong?” about most of his kids; particularly CyAnts and me.

        I’d tell him, you didn’t leave us any money or power with all your failures. If you had…who knows? Fighting for right in a lessor, albeit still powerful position is a lot harder than continuing to fight for right once you’re really “IN” and money talks.

        Thank heavens my dad never made it to the Governer’s office like Laxalt wanted. He flopped at step one and never tried again and remained in oblivion but a somewhat behind the scenes position from there on in. I am thankful for that. Politics suck! You should have seen how fast my father’s “intergrity” vanished during his only race, just tell the people what they want to hear even if you don’t agree. I can understand comprimise but not of all your principals.

        He sort of went back to being the fierce defender of (well his) faith after the prize was taken away. I can admire a person who doesn’t believe as I do, as long as they remain consistent and honest. Hard to do though, remain constent I mean.. dru


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