Bowman Talks About Lowenthal’s Drowning

Based on a talk by Bob Bowman – pleading with coaches to discourage long distance underwater swimming – Swim Vortex offers a great deal of information on the Louis Lowenthal drowning. I have read a great many accusations and speculation to the effect that the boy had drowned in an essentially empty, unsupervised pool, and had spent a lot of time underwater before being discovered. According to Bowman’s statement, the pool was occupied by at least one other swimmer, and Lowenthal was pulled out by lifeguards within one minute of her seeing him alive:

Bowman & Baltimore Plea for Safety’s Sake

A masters swimmer who takes about a minute to get down the 50m lap, saw Louis kicking his way underwater in the opposite direction somewhere along the way of her own swim. When she got to the edge of the pool, she turned, fiddled with her goggles a little and looked up: Louis [was] already on deck and CPR being administered.

There are up to five 50m lanes adjacent to the lane along the edge of the pool in which the body was found, but the water is clear and you can easily see swimmers all the way across to the 25 yard lanes. Louis was swimming in the longest straight lane in the pool, which goes past an island and ends at the shallow end ramp. It would have been about 60 meters or so – more if he had turned at the ramp.

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