Talking Sports

When I was a kid, someone gave me a sports book, probably 1966’s, The Sports Answer Book: from Bill Mazer’s NBC Challenge round. I wasn’t very pro sports-oriented, but I think they realized that I was book-oriented, and hoped to spur my interest that way. Mazer hosted a NYC sports talk show called Firing Line, and was renowned for knowing a lot of stats.

Mazer’s book was wide-ranging and very conversational, and I still remember a lot of random facts and a few stories. Talking about boxing, he said someone once asked him what made a good boxer. “Poverty,” was his reply. He explained that you never heard of a rich kid fighting his way up – they were always the Irish, the Italians, the Puerto Ricans, the blacks – whatever ethnic minority was struggling to gain a foothold.

We had left Long Island by then, so I never actually heard Mazer on the radio. But when Iistening to the almost ubiquitous sports chat these days, I often remember some snippet from Bill Mazer’s book.

Bill Mazer, Sports Fixture in New York, Dies at 92

When Mr. Mazer retired in 2009, he had spent more than 60 years in broadcasting — 20 of them as a nightly sports anchor and the host of the weekend roundup “Sports Extra” on WNEW-TV, Channel 5. Before then he had been a host of sports-talk radio when the very idea of the format was new.



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