Amazon Closes Down

As workmen dismantled the modular furniture, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos sat in the remains of his office and mused, “We never saw it coming.”

A few years ago, businesses and governments alike bowed to Amazon’s economic might. Market pundits predicted that brick and mortar would be limited to personal service boutiques, as most people simply ordered everything from electronics to groceries through the former internet book merchant. Then Amazon began to tout a new product.

“We thought we’d make a fortune selling 3D printers … and we did quite well for a time. Then people realized that once they had one, they could make damn near anything. Once someone had one – they didn’t need us anymore! They could find some recycled scrap metal and plastic – or melt down stuff they had – and make stuff as they needed it. We were selling the instruments of our own demise.”

“We tried manufacturing our own stuff, too, but we couldn’t cut our delivery costs low enough to compete with a hundred million local producers.”

“I worked hard to build this company. I still can’t believe it’s all over.”

2 responses to “Amazon Closes Down”

  1. saywhatumean2say says :

    Not everyone wants a 3-D printer. Letterman says he wants his underpants made the “old fashion way -by and 8 year old in China” dru


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