RIP Mikhail Karishnikov

Few men attain greatness in even one pursuit, so it is with reverence that we note the death of the great weapons designer and ballet dancer, Mikhail Karishnikov.

As a boy, young Mikhail had a motivation problem. He was a good dancer, but was a bit too lazy to train for the leaps expected of a top ballet star. He was watching a dubbed American Western one day, when the cowboys used their six guns to force an Eastern dude to “dance.” With a flash of insight he realized that his dance coach could do the same thing with one automatic rifle – if only it was reliable and simple enough to be operated by an arts major.

And so he invented the Karishnikov AK-47, which could lay down a stream of fire that would force him to ever higher and longer leaps, and which could withstand the abuse of legions of divas.

The worlds of dancing and warfare were forever changed.

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