Woody Allen’s private detectives

I ran across this 1997 Connecticut Magazine article about Litchfield County State’s Attorney Frank Maco having to wade into the Allen vs Farrow mess in the comments on TPM.

Woody, Mia and Frank Maco 

During the Allen investigation, Maco received a warning from a high-ranking state police official.

“He [Maco] was told,” says a retired officer, “that the Allen people were hiring private detectives to try to get some dirt on us.”

One of their key targets was Sgt. John Mucherino, a primary investigator for Maco. They wanted to know if Mucherino was a drinker or a gambler, if he had any marital problems.

Allen’s private detectives were compartmentalized, hired by different lawyers and subcontractors working for him, police say. The private detectives included former FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration agents, even former state cops who were friends with Mucherino.

One private investigator says he met with Allen’s top criminal lawyer, Elkan Abramowitz. “Abramowitz had an aura about him; he was very charismatic,” the detective said. “I worked for Woody Allen, but I have a personal code.”

The detective said he alerted Mucherino to the nature of the inquiry, then he filed a report and received a substantial fee.

Abramowitz has denied meeting with private detectives on the case, although he acknowledged 10 or more worked for Allen. “We didn’t go into any kind of smear campaign against the police,” he says.

The prying took its toll on Maco. “It was after that that I saw a big change in him,” says investigation team member Frank D’Amico, a retired police officer. “He was tense for a long time. He just took more precautions with everything he did.”

“They were just trying to disrupt the case. We all know today, in light of O.J., that if you have nothing to go on, you go after law enforcement.”


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