Your Snake-Hand Amendment Rights

Citizens! Your right to bear poisonous snakes is under attack. With the unfortunate death of Pastor Jamie Coots last week, there are those who say that poisonous snakes are too dangerous for the safety of the general public.

Our country, our nation, our homeland, has enjoyed a long tradition of responsible citizens domesticating all sorts of animals: chimpanzees, lions, piranha, and yes, snakes.

We of the National Reptile-handling Association (NRhA) believe the only solution is for congress to pass a new amendment to the constitution guaranteeing us the right to bear poisonous snakes, whether concealed karaits or openly-handled rattlers.

Don’t let the government intrude between you and your snake. Support the Snake-Hand Amendment now!


4 responses to “Your Snake-Hand Amendment Rights”

  1. cmaukonen says :

    What about coral snakes ? People have a God give right to coral snakes….and and…..cotton mouths and water moccasins.

    Black mamba …….


  2. 3boxesofbs says :

    I agree. People should have to pass a background check, get approval from the local law enforcement officials and church leaders, take training, pass a test, get their finger prints on file, and prove they are proficient at exercising one of their fundamental rights.
    You can still keep snakes, or even preach —heck you can even blog about the right to keep snakes but that right isn’t unlimited. You just have to pass a few reasonable restrictions.

    I think we need common sense snake and free speech / exercise of religion laws NOW.

    Bob S.
    3 Boxes of BS


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