Chess Diet

I’ve been playing the Chess Diet. The opposing King is the electronic scale. It is merciless and never misses a move. Its pawns are the free chocolates over the reception desk, and the free cookies near the associate’s desk. Its larger pieces are the leftover sweets and cakes brought in by coworkers (Bishops), the occasional boxed lunch with chips and cookies for a seminar (Knights), the Friday morning donuts and bagels (Castles) and MariaD’s – the pizza shop down the street (Queen).

I am the King, my Queen is the non-processed food diet, my big pieces are running (Bishop), biking (Knight) and swimming (Castle). My pawns are saying no my opponent’s pawns.

I am locked in a positional struggle, so I am very careful not to give away pawns. My queen has been controlling the center of the board this Spring. My bishops are currently undeveloped, but I try to play my knights several times a week, and now that my shoulder feels better I should be in a position to shore up my diet with well-placed castles.

The best mornings are when I step on the opposing King and laugh.



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