Courtesy Call

I’ve gotten this phone message twice:

This message is being left as a courtesy. We are in the process of doing an asset and liability search and your number has come up in our records. Press ‘1’ now to speak to our pre-legal department or call today at 855-396-2263. Once again, call 855-396-2263. Failure to respond will be documented as being non-cooperative.

According to 800Notes, someone answers that number with, “Thomas King & Associates” and tries to obtain your social security number.

I can live with being non-cooperative.


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  1. southwerk says :

    Thanks!! I haven’t been hit by that particular scam but I’ll be watching for it. jp

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  2. Anonymous says :

    I just received this call also! I hate when they try to make me feel bad about it! Thanks for posting this. Good job on the schpele!

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  3. Anonymous says :

    24 Jun 2014
    rec’d call from this number-855-396-2263 x154 “Mrs.Jones-black or hispanic woman transferred to her-heard others speaking like a bad call center -i asked what this was in regards to?She asked me
    if i was familiar with skip tracing-she was inquiring about a deceased parent-would not mail me any information for me to forward-would not give me an email address for herself or the company-message that was left on my unlisted cell phone was from Thomas King &Associates and they answered this number with the same name
    I repeated to her that she could mail info or give me email-she told me i was not going to tell her how to do her job and that she was disconnecting the call I repeated again that was the only way I could have my lawyer and estate handler correspond to/with them-she disconnected……. -number tracks to California midway
    HWY 24 between Stockton and Osbourne
    Caller: Thomas King & Associates
    Call Type: Debt Collector

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    • Donal says :

      Thanks for the info. Sounds like she realized you weren’t a sucker, and didn’t have time to argue. Did she ask for personal info?


  4. Mareen says :

    Do not let them intimidate you. Just jerks trolling fir your social. Do not lfall for this bs. They really need to do sonething about all this because people fall victim. Especially seniors. Its horrible. They keep calling my mother and thanks to your blog I showed it to her

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  5. deborah davis says :

    We had a recent called from an “internet security” company offering to fix a defect in our computer. They had been “authorized” by Intel to fix a bug in the system. All we needed to do was allow them access to our computer. Can you spell SCAM?

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  6. Jane says :

    A automated caller leaves daily message on my cell about an “assets and liability search”. Said my number had “come up” and if I didn’t call back at 855-396-2263 that I would be considered uncooperative. I did call back and a man answered with only “hello”, it didn’t sound like a business so I hung up. I then researched this number online. Some people post that after a family death these phone calls start. The calls to me have not yet stopped either. My Dad just recently died in hospital. This person and his scam is rotten horrible!

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