US to Send Advisers to Ferguson

The US plans to send military advisers to the city of Ferguson in the St Louis County region of Eastern Missouri, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says.

“The marines and special operations forces will assess the humanitarian situation and will not be engaged in combat. This is not a combat boots on the ground kind of operation,” Mr Hagel remarked from Camp Pendleton in California.

These “assessment team members” were already in the city of Ferguson to “give more in-depth assessment of where we can continue to help,” he said.

Another official said the US government would continue to explore ways to support “citizens affected by the ongoing fighting in Ferguson”, and to prevent “potential acts of genocide” by the Ferguson Police.


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7 responses to “US to Send Advisers to Ferguson”

  1. southwerk says :

    A very clever satire. I posted it on facebook. Please write some more. I need the laughs.


    • Donal says :

      Thanks. I laughed this morning when I heard MO state police Captain Ron Johnson being interviewed on the radio and saying, “This *is* a boots on the ground operation. Look at my boots here on the ground!”


  2. saywhatumean2say says :

    When does Congress vote for the humanitarian aid ($$$) Obama has promised Ferguson? dru


    • Donal says :

      I think first we should bring democracy and representative government to the people of Ferguson.


      • saywhatumean2say says :

        QUOTE: Obama also weighed in for the first time publicly on the militarization of some local police departments, saying it probably would be useful to examine how federal grant dollars had been used to allow local police to purchase military-style equipment, an issue that’s come to the forefront amid the violent protests in Ferguson. Obama said the distinction between the military and domestic law enforcement was one of the great things about America.


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