Reporter Beheaded in Ferguson

A reporter writing for a German newspaper was arrested, then beheaded, while attempting to cover the ongoing protests in Ferguson over the shooting of Michael Brown. DC-based journalist Herrmann Muenster was arrested after he allegedly jaywalked, then failed to follow police instructions to vacate the empty street.

About a dozen journalists have been arrested or detained since Aug. 9 when officer Darren Wilson fired six shots at unarmed jaywalker Michael Brown, killing him. Many on-the-street reporters say they have been harassed or physically threatened as well.

Missouri feels strongly about jaywalking. State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson said Tuesday that security forces have repeatedly asked reporters and other media personnel to vacate the streets for the sidewalks, for their own safety. Captain Johnson feels that this beheading will send a strong, clear message: “We are cops. If you don’t want to get beheaded, don’t jaywalk and don’t challenge us.”


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  1. saywhatumean2say says :

    Wow Donal you may be jaywalking yourself by crossing a line with this one. I’ve stopped laughing but am thinking more and more….which is always your underlying goal. From laughter to tears is not far. Keep it up. dru


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