Indiana to change name

The Indiana General Assembly has doubled down on the recent religious discrimination law with a joint Senate resolution that will change the state’s official name to Homophobiana.

In addition the bill provides that the Constitution of the State of Indiana guarantees the right of the straight people of Indiana to engage in homophobic practices. Provides that the general assembly may not pass a law that unreasonably abridges the right of farmers and ranchers to refuse to employ homosexual or transgendered workers, or anyone that owns a small doggie named, or frequently called, Precious. Provides that no business is required to transact business with any homosexual or transgendered workers, or anyone that has ever watched more than three episodes of Ellen DeGeneres in one calendar week. Provides that the new constitutional provision does not modify any: (1) provision of the common law; (2) statute relating to trespass or eminent domain; or (3) other property right, existing or previously enacted statute, or existing or previously adopted administrative rule.



3 responses to “Indiana to change name”

  1. tomokeys says :

    Got into with your brother John again – Or well we gave it another try with the same result. It was over this topic as a matter of fact. No biggie.


  2. tomokeys says :

    Just wanted to put my 2 cents in on this nonsense. To me this religion freedom thing is nothing more than a Right Wing fog bank to divert attention from the important issues for the upcoming election. Nothing more controversial than religion. People really bit. While it is important I Just hope they are keeping their focus on the prize.


  3. tomokeys says :

    Thinking of doing a fairly long blog on the divisive strategies of the Right. These guys really now how to appeal to ignorance, stupidity and bias. Sad part is they’ve got plenty of buyers. Lot of arrogance in this country. Real fu*k-you attitudes for them to pander to. Sad my friend. God Bless…..Peace


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