Baltimore Heating Up

This morning, One two of my coworkers is are upset after spending two hours in a traffic jam getting to work from Columbia.

After a Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore with some twenty-seven shootings and eight deaths, activists including Rev Jamal Bryant, using hashtags ‘One Baltimore’ and ‘Baltimore Uprising’ are blocking interstate 95/395 into Baltimore to protest that $30 million is going to a new youth prison instead of education. More at WBAL.

I remember a youth jail being protested during Occupy Baltimore. In 2013 that youth jail project was abandoned, but another project was just approved by the Board of Public Works – without discussion.

Police morale is reportedly low, and the Freddie Gray riots are still fresh in peoples’ minds. More demonstrations are not what the city wants to see right now.

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One response to “Baltimore Heating Up”

  1. Tommy Holmes says :

    Maybe when the system starts pulling their prioritizes out of their asses, people might respond in kind !!!


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