Shiny, Happy People

A lot of my friends got good news last week when the US Supreme Court affirmed their right to be married. I’m happy for them. Others were glad to see that the Affordable Care Act was re-re-re-affirmed by the Supreme Court. I think the ACA is flawed, but better than nothing. And a lot of people are very happy that medical and recreational marijuana bills are making their way through state legislatures. I have family members that would benefit from medical marijuana, if it ever comes to Pennsyltucky.

But while all of that was making headlines (which was no accident) the Trans Pacific Partnership “trade agreement” – so secretive that we are not allowed to read and discuss it in public – has snuck through Congress. CNET:

Despite concerns over transparency stateside, the US Senate last week voted to give President Barack Obama the power to “fast track” the TPP. This grants the President authority to put a final draft of the TPP before Congress for a ‘yes-or-no’ vote, but Congress will not have power to amend any part of the trade agreement.

There’s a short Australian video clip (2:44) here.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation explains what we think we know about it here, but anything that secret should be voted down as a matter of principle.


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