Over at Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall agrees with a reader who accuses Sandernistas of damaging Hillary Clinton:

Sanders may be leading a ‘movement’. He’s already succeeded at nudging Clinton to the left, though we shouldn’t lose sight of the degree she’d moved before Sanders got in. But his biggest supporters online have been far more driven by destroying Hillary Clinton either as weird convoluted psychological payback for things that happened decades ago or out of the old puristic, sectarian-left self-actualization performance art.

Destroying Hillary Clinton really doesn’t count as a movement.

I don’t hate Hillary Clinton, I simply don’t believe she intends any meaningful change to the decline of the working class or the concentration of wealth in the privileged class.

Sanders does.


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One response to “Nope”

  1. trkingmomoe says :

    They seem to be in a bubble in DC. DNC will only have themselves to blame for being so stupid to run such a flawed candidate. When Obama took office, Democratic Party was at 36% of the voters and that was considered a all time low. Now it is at 28%. Sanders had nothing to do with that. I have watched them ignore local and state races and pour money into conservadems that very few felt comfortable voting for them because they could sell them to the wealthy for big donations, The last voter drive I saw here locally that really worked was 2007 until the Sanders supporters worked real hard last fall here locally. This was for the Democratic Party.

    I have met on line some Sander’s phone bankers and they have been telling us that the elephant in the room right now is election fraud. People seem to understand that the system is rigged and their vote might get lost or their registration changed.

    Clinton using “Correct the record” has cause a back lash because of the trolling and voters that would have voted for Hillary in the general won’t do it now. I think they mean it and the national polling shows it. Hillary needs to call off the dogs because it is not helping her.

    I don’t hate Hillary but she is the wrong person for the current problems. All the credentials and experience is not what is needed now. Her credentials and experience is out dated.


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