I’m OK; You’re Hiding an Email Server

I just watched a youtube of a Morning Joe segment with Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, et al, reacting to the Office of the Inspector General’s report, and doing a good job of looking surprised and dismayed that Hillary Clinton lied about the legality of her email server. Did they all just realize this? I doubt it, but they aren’t protecting her anymore. So, what has changed?

For one thing, only a few weeks after Trump became the presumptive GOP nominee, Clinton’s poll numbers against him are already low enough that talk of her coasting to victory has been suspended. When she enjoyed a commanding lead in the polls, it had been predicted that the media would eventually present Clinton vs Trump as a close race – because they get better ratings that way. And after the first few Trump vs Clinton polls showed a tighter race, establishment media like TPM and FiveThirtyEight, spent some time trying to make the case that Trump had simply consolidated earlier than Clinton, and that she would regain her lead after Sanders dropped out. But – already – several more polls have shown it to be fairly close, with some showing Trump in the lead.

For another thing, The Young Turks – and I am told many other outlets – have reported rumors that the DNC is preparing Joe Biden as a replacement before the convention. Even CNN sees that Hillary is in trouble: Role reversal: GOP unites behind Trump, Democrats in disarray:

For Democrats, those who were hoping the tensions between Sanders and Clinton would dissipate greatly underestimated how serious the tensions are between Sanders, his supporters and the Clinton campaign.

The energy that has been moving his candidacy is much more than a cult of personality or a quixotic hope for socialism in America. Sanders and many of his supporters have been motivated by a principled argument about the problems with the Democratic Party and American politics.

In their minds, Hillary Clinton — and her husband — are symbols and leaders of a damaging development that has taken place since the 1970s. They argue that since Ronald Reagan was President, the Democratic Party decided to embrace the basic arguments of the conservative movement.

Democrats, they say, started to champion free markets, deregulation, nonunionized workplaces and a militaristic approach to foreign policy. As Democratic candidates catered to wealthier suburban voters, they left behind working-class Americans, unions, African-Americans, the poor and other disadvantaged groups.

I am actually surprised to see such a cogent summary in CNN. Not because their writers can’t write, but because their editors don’t usually let the truth out the door.


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