What Now?

After feeling the Bern over the last year, we are flummoxed by the poor candidates selected by the two major parties. My wife refuses to vote for Hillary. I feel more strongly about not voting for Trump, but I can’t fault her for not trusting Clinton. What are we supposed to do?

In, Con vs. Con, Chris Hedges bemoans our pitiful, awful choice:

The rise of a demagogue like Donald Trump is a direct result of the Democratic Party’s decision to embrace neoliberalism, become a handmaiden of American imperialism and sell us out for corporate money. There would be no Trump if Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party had not betrayed working men and women with the North American Free Trade Agreement, destroyed the welfare system, nearly doubled the prison population, slashed social service programs, turned the airwaves over to a handful of corporations by deregulating the Federal Communications Commission, ripped down the firewalls between commercial and investment banks that led to a global financial crash and prolonged recession, and begun a war on our civil liberties that has left us the most monitored, eavesdropped, photographed and profiled population in human history. There would be no Trump if the Clintons and the Democratic Party, including Barack Obama, had not decided to prostitute themselves for corporate pimps.

As reported by the Intercept, corporate interests don’t much care whether we vote one way, the other, or not at all. They’ve got it covered. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Would Be Equally Good for Finance Industry, Says Top Executive

THE HEAD OF the largest derivatives marketplace in the world, CME Group, told an audience at a financial industry conference that it doesn’t matter if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becomes president because both understand the industry and are only criticizing it during the campaign for political reasons.

“I don’t care if it’s Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton,” CME Group Executive Chairman Terry Duffy said on June 9 in response to a question from an analyst about how the election will impact the industry. “I care who’s around Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, who’s in the administration, who is helping them make the tough decisions to keep America on top, that’s to me what’s critically important.”



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  1. Invisible Mikey says :

    I’ve got an angle for you, depending on where you live. There are only 10-12 “swing” states. if you live anywhere else, the outcome is already reliably predictable, so do whatever you wish, hold your nose, opt out, vote third party, just vote the local races, write in “Donald Duck”, or stay home. You can cease agonizing, because IT DOESN’T MATTER. Your state’s Electoral College votes will be granted to whichever major party’s nominee they have been for decades.

    I’m a Bernie supporter too, and don’t like Clinton either. But I live in WA, bluest of blue states. Clinton WILL get our 12 votes, no matter what I do. So I’m no longer stressing that she’s a hawk, a corporatist and evasive. I’m spending my time researching the school board and judge candidates, where my vote counts for more.

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    • Donal says :

      True. But we’re in PA, which is a swing-y state. That said, it looks either like Trump will go down in flames, or the GOP will replace him with someone, piss off his followers, and still go down in flames.

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  2. saywhatumean2say says :

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    Oh hell Donal, like you said…”What Now?” I’m possibly going Green and I still may write-in Bernie in protest because to be honest…I don’t really care if it is Hillary or Trump….both are anathemas to me. ~~dru~~

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