Votemon: Go

The media is like an app that allows voters to see what they want in the presidential campaigns. In the Trump campaign, the media shows us either a decisive “master persuader” or a racist scaremonger. In the Clinton campaign, the media shows us either an experienced liberal politician, or an unrepentant corporate shill and liar. For a while it showed us a fire-breathing political revolutionary, but now we are seeing a well-behaved sheepdog.

It won’t really make a difference in how I vote, but I am disappointed that Sanders has settled for so little to endorse Clinton. I suspect that the result will be passage of the TPP, and possibly another draining war.


2 responses to “Votemon: Go”

  1. saywhatumean2say says :

    I think I’ll write-in myself instead of bernie, like i was going to. I feel extremely let down and very frustrated. ~~dru~~


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