Akim’s Nightmare, Hillary’s Bad Day

At 3 Quarks Daily, Akim Reinhardt takes on the system that gave us two evils.

The Two Party System is Officially a Nightmare

Much has been made of the fact that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the two most loathed presidential candidates since the birth of polling. Each of them has managed to alienate roughly half the country. About a quarter of Americans despise both of them. They make Barry Goldwater, Michael Dukakis, and Mitt Romney look beloved.

There has been a lot of focus on why these two candidates are so widely reviled. Simple partisanship doesn’t seem to adequately explain it; fewer than a third of American view either of them favorably.

Like every website, 3 Quarks Daily is asking for money. Unlike most, they seem to be worth it.

The Atlantic covers the no-good, very-bad start to the Democratic convention that Hillary and Debbie envisioned as a victory lap:

All Hell Breaks Loose at the Democratic Convention

A 30-step review of the mayhem in Philadelphia, and what Clinton’s convention says about the future of the American political system.

1. Hillary Clinton, her advisers, and their allies at the Democratic National Committee watched Donald Trump’s nominating convention in Cleveland with smug satisfaction.
2. Team Trump had insulted Ohio’s governor, approved a Melania Trump speech that plagiarized Michelle Obama, lied about the plagiarism, and allowed Ted Cruz to expose party divisions in a prime-time speech.
3. “Hey @Reince,” Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz tweeted GOP chairman Reince Priebus. “I’m in Cleveland if you need another chair to keep your convention in order.”
4. Schultz reflected the Democratic establishment’s false sense of security. Headed to their convention in Philadelphia, Democrats felt more united than Republicans, better organized, and less vulnerable to the long-term disruption of a populist insurgency.
5. All hell broke loose.


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One response to “Akim’s Nightmare, Hillary’s Bad Day”

  1. Tommy Holmes says :

    Since the death of the Labor Movement in this country the Democrats now serve the same Corporate Master as the Republicans. They just have no where else to turn. We now are really a one party system. The Oligarchic Elitist Party. Even though there are still two Wings, Left and Right, they belong to the same one headed bird…And it sure ain’t the American Bald Eagle. Has much more in common with a Vulture…


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