Baby, It’s Colder Inside

I wrote about Frank Loesser’s classic 1944 song, Baby, It’s Cold Outside, last year. His originally private party number portrayed a bit of romantic banter between him and his wife during a vastly different cultural climate. In today’s world, the lyrics don’t parse quite the same, and there have been creepy parodies, and even a “feminist-approved” parody.

According to CNN, one couple rewrote the song – in a serious vein – to remove any hint of coercion:

Singer-songwriters Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski, both from Minneapolis, said they were inspired to rework the song after bonding over a mutual dislike of the original’s lyrics …

I wonder what they think of Paradise by the Dashboard Light? Anyway, here is their version:

I really can’t stay/Baby I’m fine with that
I’ve got to go away/Baby I’m cool with that
This evening has been/Been hoping you get home safe
So very nice/I’m glad you had a real good time
My mother will start to worry/Call her so she knows that you’re coming
Father will be pacing the floor/Better get your car a-humming
So really I’d better scurry/No rush.
Should I use the front or back door?/Which one are you pulling towards more?
The neighbors might think/That you’re a real nice girl
What is this drink?/Pomegranate La Croix
I wish I knew how/Maybe I can help you out
To break this spell/I don’t know what you’re talking about
I ought to say no, no, no/you reserve the right to say no
At least I’m gonna say that I tried/you reserve the right to say no
I really can’t stay/…Well you don’t have to
Baby it’s cold outside
I’ve got to get home/Do you know how to get there from here
Say, where is my coat/I’ll go and grab it my dear
You’ve really been grand/We’ll have to do this again
Yes I agree/How ’bout the Cheesecake Factory?
We’re bound to be talking tomorrow/Text me at your earliest convenience
At least I have been getting that vibe/Unless I catch pneumonia and die
I’ll be on my way/Thanks for the great night

“You reserve the right to say no?” “Text me at your earliest convenience?” Seriously? I’ve done romantic banter, but I’ve never come out with something that sounds like the fine print on a service agreement.

Frankly these lyrics read like he wants her to get out, and keeps politely dodging any hint that she wants him to make the first move.


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3 responses to “Baby, It’s Colder Inside”

  1. Lis says :

    I read your previous post about this song, and, like you, I had heard it through the years without giving the lyrics much thought. I can see, however, where the writers at SNL were coming from with the Bill Cosby skit — the “creepy” factor definitely creeps in! However, not only is this new PC version extremely bland, but I don’t like that it was rewritten at all. Are they going to go and clean up The Doors “Gloria” now? Zep’s “Whole Lotta Love?”

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  2. saywhatumean2say says :

    “MUTUAL DISLIKE OF THE PREVIOUS LYRICS?” My great Aunt’s Girdle…..

    Sorry I missed your last year’s post…..but – Oh puke……the lyrics were fine then and perfect for any scenario you can imagine now or then…why improve on perfection. I mean when can Red Skelton be a romantic character?

    Besides satire is the sincerest form of flattery….aside from sheer duplication. We don’t need no stinking badges OR new lyrics unless we be making funnies.

    ~~dru in insomnia; as usual~~


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