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Comet TV has been showing Futureworld – the poorly-received 1976 sequel to the 1973 hit film Westworld – over and over. So I watched it today. Peter Fonda, Blythe Danner and Arthur Hill are capable-enough actors, but the original had Michael Crichton on board, and the sequel didn’t. The sequel shares a major plot hole with some Jurassic Park sequels in that even though customers and staff were slaughtered in a theme park, both operations were again open for business in just a few years … and customers came flocking back.

Do customers do that in real life? Well, right now, the Democratic Party expects us all to flock back after snatching defeat from the least popular candidate in history. (Trump Rex?)

I needed more stim than just a bad movie, so I also looked at my blog stats and found that ArtAppraiser had included a link to A what struggle, my previous post, in a comment on a Danny Cardwell article on dagblog, so I read that article and the Hal Ginsberg article to which he was responding. They were hashing out arguments for and against finding common cause with the white working class, and as I expected several commenters had indeed found the idea unpalatable.

I left dag before either Cardwell or Ginsburg started posting, so I don’t know much about either of them, but many of the old characters are still there. Though dag founder Michael Wolraich has raised the alarum that the Democratic Party is almost irrelevant politically, most dagsters are stuck rehashing the primary between Sanders and Clinton.

Common cause between Democrats themselves has been difficult to find. Current officeholders are doing everything to hang on to relevance except changing their neoliberal strategy.

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks is spearheading an anti-corporatist group, including former leaders of the Sanders campaign team, called Justice Democrats. JD is dedicated to finding candidates to primary and replace the current crop of Democrats (Schumer, Booker, etc.), who speak bravely but vote pragmatically. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is enjoying a moment of fame for actually voting against every Trump cabinet appointee.

In a short Sane Progressive Facebook video, Debbie Lusignan has criticized the Justice Democrats because she feels that neither Sanders nor The Young Turks have been sufficiently concerned about the sort of voter suppression reported by Greg Palast. If Trump is able to reinstate voter ID laws, Democrats may have no chance to win an important election.

And as I’ve mentioned before, many pundits believe the real struggle is not between parties but between factions within the Deep State or Shadow Government. In that case, both parties truly are irrelevant.


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