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I didn’t watch President Trump’s now-infamous Thursday press conference live. WBAL’s morning news said something about a meltdown, but I mostly pay attention to the weather, so I know what to wear on the bike. I did go to work curious enough about how Trump had handled the Flynn resignation to want to see the entire conference for myself.

When I walked upstairs for our Friday morning bagel and doughnut feed, I asked my office tennis buddy if he had seen the story on Eugenie Bouchard’s twitter date. He was too busy giggling and shaking his head over a video of the press conference on his iPad. He told me Trump was really crazy. A few minutes later another work buddy came over to my desk and asked me if I had seen the press conference. I told him I had a youtube link to watch over lunch. He said I had to watch it. It was great, he said, Trump really gave it to the press!

These are both bright guys, and I like them both. It wasn’t too surprising that they would disagree, but I was intrigued that they had vastly different takes on the same event. So I watched it over tea and a chocolate cake doughnut, and tried to keep an open mind.

I was waiting for him to pull out a pair of steel balls, but mostly saw Trump being Trump. He was lying here and blustering there, as always, but he wasn’t melting down. I don’t like the job he’s doing, but didn’t really blame him for calling out the press for attacking him. He’s threatening the established order – the Deep State – so of course the press is attacking him. And of course he’s going to play the victim.

At The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf posted One Press Conference, Two Audiences, in which he claimed:

Viewers who watched it themselves saw a rambling, misleading performance. But those who relied on conservative cable newscasts or talk radio hosts got a very different impression.

But my friend saw it himself, and loved it. So I’m thinking Friedersdorf is engaged in wishful thinking.

Perhaps the divergent coverage of Thursday’s press conference helps to illustrate that a great many of those people aren’t seeing the same information as those who oppose Trump — they are being fed lies and untruths by coastal-dwelling millionaires like Hannity and Limbaugh; and they exist at a time when even more responsible right-leaning outlets that make up their information bubble are unlikely to target the lies they encounter, and in a culture where a columnist like Goodwin sees what’s going on and celebrates it as Trump playing the game well.

I think we’re getting a predictable amounf of slant from both sides. Scott Adams thinks different expectations lead to Imaginary News.

We live in our own personal movies. This is a perfect example. Millions of Americans looked at the same press conference and half of us came away thinking we saw an entirely different movie than the other half. Many of us saw Trump talking the way he normally does, and saying the things he normally says. Other people saw a raving lunatic, melting down.

Adams is pretty much on board with Trump, but I don’t think he’s wrong about the people or the news. As others have pointed out, the mainstream media used the term fake news to vilify news they couldn’t control, and now it can’t control that many people see it as little more than better-packaged fakery.


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6 responses to “Fake Accompli”

  1. saywhatumean2say says :

    Love this post Donal, maked me pause and think BUT I LOVE THE TITLE EVEN MORE. Thanx for thoughts and chuckles on this dreary Sunday afternoon. ~~dru~~

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  2. trkingmomoe says :

    A reddit group I am in also looked at both sides of this news conference I do think he is getting a little better at trying to sound presidential but then the frat boy Donald comes out. He is right about the main street media and I am glad to see him call them out. In this group “Way Of The Bern” there is an agreement that you have to support the good and criticize the bad in order to help move things forward.

    Lis has a good point about the disrespect for the office of the President. It didn’t start with Obama’s election but with Newt Gingrich. The media and pundits throw the impeachment term around to gin up controversy and have something to talk about besides real news. It is like the office is one step above trash no matter what party is in power.

    Good post.

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    • Donal says :

      What is the advantage of reddit?

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      • trkingmomoe says :

        What happen was Markos at Kos kicked all the Sanders supporters off Daily Kos last March. Which turned out to be most of his good writers. They regrouped at Reddit to stay in touch. They did create two web sites to blog on but most just stayed at Reddit. There is lots of information that is linked on that sub group. Sander’s supporters were not all Democrats so the sub picked up many from other parties. This has made it very interesting now because there is a lot more in common across the board then you would first think with other parties. You remind me a lot of the people who comment there. I don’t get trolled there the mods take good care of the sub. Who you voted for in the last election isn’t a issue there. The focus is on issues, congress, and making change. I like it because I don’t have cable and it helps me sort through the news and saves me time at the computer. of coarse there is some nutty stuff but I just ignore that and move on to reality. Those post usually don’t get upvoted any ways. People seem to be more engaged now and paying attention to what is going on behind the curtain. Many watch TYT, Jimmy Dore and RT. There is some very good alt news sites that get linked as well as traditional news. Any how I am pretty comfortable there and can comment with out harassment and find others are on the same page as me.

        I just found out this morning that Ramona is facing some serious health issues. I thought that if you didn’t know you would like to be told. I have been catching up with my emails and ran across this.


        and this


        She has not said anything at DAG as of this writing,

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