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Guessing the Name, Guessing the Verdict

Aristocrats don’t go in for trendy names, so I doubt that Kate and William will name the newest British royal Trayvon, or Nelson. Edward is possible, but Snowden is unlikely, even though there have been Lords and Viscounts named Snowden and a Snowdon married to Princess Margaret. Andrew would be quite a nod to the Wimbledon champ, but they might want to wait and see if Christopher wins the Tour de France. Boris is right out. If they have a daughter, don’t expect GaGa or Lena or Angelina. Laura or Heather would also be a nod to tennis, but Robson and Watson have done little more than stir hopes for the future. Virginia would be nice, as if anyone remembers Our Ginny. Libby or Rebecca would be cool, but I doubt the parents follow swimming that closely.

A verdict is due in the Zimmerman trial. At dag, my former co-blogger Michael Maiello urges us not to predict riots. I have to admit that I was wondering how largely black Baltimore would react to a not guilty verdict. Ignoring the advice of a coworker, I’ve been biking through mostly black neighborhoods since the early Spring without even a hint of problems. The mostly black crowd at Lexington Market, where McNulty and his kids tailed Stringer Bell, are blasé as I politely pedal behind jaywalkers during rush hour. But that could change. Bmore is not just an abbreviation, it also means B More Careful.

I haven’t been following the case at all. I hear stuff on the radio, and try to browse past the misinformation promulgated by well-fed trolls on dag. The introduction of a manslaughter option might be a face-saving compromise, but I suspect that Zimmerman being brought to trial was the only victory Trayvon’s family will see.

Several years ago, when I was compiling the end-of-the-year doomer predictions for an article, I was surprised that Sharon Astyk expected that a rift would occur between the young and the old. I couldn’t see any evidence then, but I filed it away in my long list of stuff to wonder about. I look back at the Arab Spring, and Indignados, and Occupy and now Egypt and Gezi Square and I wonder if there is a Young vs Old angle there.

In Waiting for the GOP to Die, Michael Wolraich, another former co-blogger, warns us that progressives can’t expect the conservative movement to wither away and, “wait a decade or two for the new golden age of Democratic hegemony …”. One does not simply sit back while Mordor implodes.

I expect that the new anti-progressive movement will be young, white Ron Paul libertarians – socially liberal for white people and for black, brown and yellow people that act like white people, socially archaic for minorities that don’t assimilate. They will smoke some weed, but support private prisons for blacks that use drugs. They will want to download free music, but will be against raising the minimum wage. They will defend anyone that defends their tribe.

Update: I ran across an incredibly affecting crime scene photo of Trayvon Martin’s body on Gawker. I thought briefly about posting the photo or a link here, but decided No. Although the photo is very moving, it didn’t make sense that I should post that image after paying scant attention to the case. Josh Marshall went through the same exercise, and only posted a link.