I am a professional architect. I used to build sets and act on stage, and I hope to again. I swim, bike and run. I have written on a variety of topics for Total Immersion, the Cafe at Talking Points Memo, The Truth About Cars, The Truth About Guns, Once Upon a Paradigm and Energy Bulletin. I was once on the masthead of Dagblog.

4 responses to “About”

  1. trkingmomoe says :

    Hi, I really enjoy reading your blog and have nominated you for the “Inspiring Blog Award” There are a few rules to this nomination (these aren’t my rules, so do what you want…no pressure) you need to give a shout out to me, of course, tell us 7 things about yourself and then nominate 15 bloggers, that’s the tricky part, if you don’t have 15, don’t worry, just pass it on to someone….share the joy by following this link,http://trkingmomoe.wordpress.com/


  2. southwerk says :

    I am not nominating you for anything. I just enjoy your blog. I’m James Pilant of Pilant’s Business Ethics. We cover some of the same turf. Your post on the Princeton Study just coming out was fun to read – the tie-in with Bullworth was clever.


  3. Deborah Davis says :

    Greetings Donal, just read your article on Ebola. My how things have changed in such a brief period of time. Our nightmares are coming true with three cases here in the states and likely more cases incubating. I’ve been asking friends how long they could remain at home without running out of food, water and essentials if we have a full outbreak. Most say three to seven days at most. My preaching about being prepared is falling on deaf ears. People are so naive to think “it can’t happen here” as it can and it has. My paternal grandmother lived next to Camp Jackson in Columbia,SC during the Spanish Flu outbreak 1917-18. She spoke of the endless passage of wagons filled with the bodies of soldiers dead from the flu. Worldwide death toll estimated at 40 million and that was before air travel. Oh well, let me move on from doom and gloom. Hope you and yours are well and stay safe. Keep on writing.


  4. Brent Ragsdale says :

    Donal, I just came across your blog and have bookmarked it for future reading. It seems we read a lot of the same online authors. This sentence from yesterday’s Archdruid Report: “The industrial world remains shackled to fossil fuels for most of its energy and all of its transportation fuel, for the simple reason that no other energy source in this end of the known universe provides the abundant, concentrated, and fungible energy supply that’s needed to keep our current lifestyles going.” prompted me to Google “achdruid hydrino.” I was curious if anyone had ever mentioned the work of Mills to JMG. I saw that you had and that you’ve also blogged about it, though not recently. If you haven’t keep up on Brilliant (formerly Black) Light Power, you should checkout their SunCell development.


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